“LOVE this place. It's right in the middle of nowhere But the food is on point. I have been here enough to tell you the food is consistently good. I have also tried nearly everything on the menu - my favorites are all the burgers and the patty melt is amazing .... Also the best split pea soup I've ever had ... Good desert, good homemade sweet tea GOOD EVERYTHING.” 


Arthur G. - Yelp

“Our mistake was waiting till we got home to eat the pie only to find out it was the best pie any of us have ever tasted. We should have bought a whole pie! The man behind the counter was very friendly - Whatever you do, don't miss this place!"

Nick H. - Yelp

“It's so refreshing to find a non corporate family owned business that actually makes homemade pie. Nope not dennys, nope not premade or previously frozen, nope not even premade pie crust. But 100% authentic. I ate the Apple crumble and enjoyed it."

 Dubl A. - Yelp

“We ate breakfast, my favorite meal, and it was just what we needed. I highly suggest the pancakes, excellent! The meats are made locally and are very tasty, the breakfast sausage is a must try!"

April H. - Yelp

“Went here this morning for breakfast. Six of us for the meal. All food came out at once, hot, and delicious. I recommend the hashbrowns with onions. Homemade not frozen. And I have to say that the biscuts and gravy is the best that I have ever had anywhere. It has bacon, sausage, and hamburger in it, and so very creamy. This is a family owned business. Great atmosphere. You will not be disappointed if you enjoy good food."

Dirk B. - Yelp

“We thought this place was charming and fun! The steer burger was tasty, the fries were exceptional. My son loved his French dip. Definitely worth a stop for a little slice of Americana."

CW R. - Yelp

“Home cooked food. The staff. The pies. The history. Did I mention the pies?"

Ken S. - Facebook